Blog – Farming methods to improve ROI and save water


Windbreaks have a huge number of benefits for all kind of farming and landscape rehabilitation activities. Strong winds are incredibly drying and literally suck moisture out of the soil, plants & trees, animals…and people! A well designed windbreak slows the wind speed and guarantees faster and better growth of crops, ...

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Using Swales to Grow Trees

A swale is quite simply a ditch & downhill mound (also known as a berm) dug on a contour. It can be anything from 5 feet to 5 kilometres long. Swales collect water during and after rainfall, allowing for a slow and consistent drainage of water into an area. Over ...

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The Benefits of Perennial species in dryland farming

Perennial – “lasting or existing for a long or apparently infinite time; enduring or continually recurring.” Annual – “occurring once every year.” Much of the worlds food supply for humans and livestock is derived from annual plant species. Almost 70% of the worlds productive farmland are devoted to grains, oil ...

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Farm Management Software Review: FarmOS

Modern farms are complex places. Accurate records need to be kept for equipment maintenance, soil tests, plantings, harvests, livestock management and a range of other activities. By logging all of this data in a web based farm management system, you can have complete and accurate information available at all times; ...

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Farming a drier land

2016 was the hottest year since humans began keeping detailed records. So was 2015 and 2014, making three record years in a row for global average surface temperatures. Here in Southern Africa we have witnessed dams drying up, rivers no longer making it to the sea, crippling water restrictions and ...

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