So, you’ve got your shiny new Tree Trays and a young tree already planted and you’re ready to get them installed.

Installing Tree Trays is quick and easy if you follow these steps:
  • 1. Flatten and level (if necessary) ~1m2 area around the base of the tree, and remove any weeds
  • 2. Open the Tree Tray along the serrated line
  • 3. Place the Tree Tray around the tree
  • 4. Cover the edges of the Tree Tray with soil
In rocky, sandy or extreme conditions, you may need to peg the Tree Tray down:
  • 200mm long, wide top timber nails work well for clay or rocky ground
  • Longer pegs may be needed in sand or areas where water flow may occur
There are ready-made holes in the Tree Tray for pegging down so you don’t need to worry about damaging the surface.
Haven’t planted your trees yet? Find some tips for successful tree planting here.

Watch this handy video for the full installation process: